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The ITEP program, which started in July 2000, officially closed down on 17 July 2010, after 10 years of activities in the area of test and evaluation of humanitarian demining equipment and methods.

The ITEP final report provides an overview of the ITEP work and accomplishments, while detailed descriptions of the ITEP activities are available in the ITEP Work Plan 2000 2010.

The ITEP website is being transferred to the GICHD ensuring that ten years of ITEP work, experience and test results are not lost. The ITEP information will remain accessible on the current server until the end of 2010 by which date all ITEP databases should have been incorporated into the GICHD technology web pages

The ITEP Humanitarian Demining Equipment database  has been designed to facilitate the search for test and evaluation information on humanitarian demining equipment. For the equipment included in the database, it produces a list of publicly available test reports, together with links to other sources providing additional information on the equipment.

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The Netherlands
United States of America

17 July 2010
End of the ITEP program
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July 2010
APOPO-PARADIS project final report
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June 2010
Soil characterization data in support of the 2009 ITEP dual-sensor trial
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June 2010
Oracle II tiller trial at SWEDEC
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