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Metal detector performance data

Data on the performance of currently available COTS metal detectors have been stored in a database and can be viewed and queried by clicking on the Detector Performance database sign. All data have been measured in the framework of the STEMD project . The Detector Performance database is aimed at complementing the GICHD metal detector catalogue .

The database lists different performance data, such as maximum in-air detection height, maximum in soil detection depth, probabilitiy of detection and false alarm rate for a range of soils and different targets. Where available, additional info is also given on the number of operators and targets that were used during the measurement campaign.

A list of terms that need to be understood prior to using the Detector Performance database is given below, together with either a short description or a reference to an existing document providing the necessary explanation and additional details.

Soil data

Furthermore, this page also provides access to a Soils database, which aims at centralising and making accessible all available soil electromagnetic measurements that were carried out during a variety of ITEP activities.

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Detector Performance database

Soil database