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ITEP Work Plan

ITEP was created in July 2000 as a response for the desire to strengthen worldwide demining efforts and it achieved this through active cooperation among the Participants and also with other agencies and organisations. These efforts were realised through the ITEP Work Plan. Its aim was to increase efficiency by avoiding duplications and feeding lessons learned back into the process. The main output was the publication of test results and their release worldwide. ITEP officially closed down on 17 July 2010, after 10 years of activities in the area of test and evaluation of humanitarian demining equipment and methods.

The ITEP Work Plan consists of a live (continuously updated) database with search tool facilities. The final ITEP Work Plan 2000 - 2010 was produced from the live database on 17 July 2010.

The ITEP Work Plan 2000 - 2010 summarises all national and collaborative test and evaluation activities that were carried out by the ITEP Participants during the ITEP lifespan. The project descriptions include, amongst other, summary conclusions and references to all published test reports and articles. The ITEP Work Plan 2000 - 2010 document complements the ITEP final report.

For clarity the ITEP Work Plan 2000 2010 has been divided into six technical categories: survey, detection, mechanical assistance, personal protection, manual tools and neutralisation. A separate category was added to cover services provided by the ITEP Secretariat or some ITEP project management groups.

All ITEP data will be transferred to the GICHD ensuring that ten years of ITEP work, experience and test results are not lost. Some of the ITEP projects will continue after the end of the ITEP program. Test results and eventual test reports for the latter projects will still be published as ITEP products and made publicly available through the GICHD technology web pages.


The Database of International Experiences in Support of the Test and Evaluation Community (DIETEC) is a database created by the International Test and Evaluation Program's Secretariat (ITEP) in close partnership with the James Madison University (JMU) containing information derived from experiences in test and evaluation of humanitarian demining equipment.

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Work Plan

Work Plan
Last update:
July 2010

Work Plan
2000 -2010
Last update:
July 2010