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ITEP Survey

December 2009 - January 2010

Which of the following best describes your organisation/company?

How frequently do you visit the ITEP website?

How would you evaluate the following information on the ITEP website?
(1: no use, 2: interesting, 3:useful)

Do you download information from the ITEP website?
(1: no, 2: yes)

    ITEP T&E reports

    Other T&E reports linked via the ITEP website

    T&E related articles and publications

    T&E standards/best practices

    Equipment pictures

    T&E methodology pictures


Have you used the downloaded information?
(1: no, 2: yes) -

How did you learn about the ITEP website?

Do you have any comments on the ITEP website?
(speed, ease of use, type of info etc.)