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Name: European Goniometric facility (EGo)
Short description: Goniometric apparatus for precise angular reflectance measurements


Mechanical Equipment


Protection Equipment



Optical, IR, other

Point of contact

Name:  Brian Hosgood
Function:  Responsible for operation of EGo facility
Phone / Fax: Tel: +39 0332 78 9195
Fax: +39 0332 78 5469

General information

Indoor / outdoor: Indoor laboratory
Test area (m2): 20 (target area 1m2)
Services: Elec. (230V)
Explosive allowed: No
Working office:

Size (m2)

Heating / Cooling

Phone / Fax

Internet access

 (for visiting users)


Yes / Yes

Yes / Yes



The Ego system allows the independent positioning anywhere on a 2m-radius hemisphere, of a light source (or equivalent) and a detector directed at a central target. This arrangement allows bi-directional reflectance measurements under controlled laboratory conditions. To reduce light scattering, the goniometer is painted black and accommodated in a special black laboratory featuring light absorbing rubber floor material. Sources and detectors are mounted on carriages running on rails in a vertical arc to give elevation. The vertical arcs are rotated on horizontal circular rails to give azimuthal positioning.
  • Source (outer) horizontal and vertical rail diameters: 4.8m.
  • Detector (inner) horizontal and vertical rail diameters: 4.4m.
  • Maximum source or detector weight: 15kg.
  • Source/detector azimuth range 0° to 360° in 0.01° steps: accuracy ±0.1°.
  • Source/detector elevation range 0° to 90°in 0.01° steps: accuracy ±0.1°.
  • Measurements are possible at near-grazing angles.
  • Angular velocity: 1°/s on azimuth, 0.5°/s on elevation.
  • Target size max. 1m×1m, min. 50mm×50mm. Requirement for manual handling limits weight.
  • 360° target rotation, 60° range of tilt.
  • All movements are computer-controlled.
  • Calibrated PTFE panel reference standards available.
  • Various laser or lamp sources.
  • High-resolution CCD camera.

This facility is suitable for characterizing the bi-directional reflectance properties of targets. There is also scope for evaluating or optimizing the angular response characteristics of prototype detection equipment.


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