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Test Facilities

Name: Chertsey High Speed Test Track
Short description: A vehicle test track incorporating a test lane with multiple soil types and simulated targets.


Mechanical Equipment


Protection Equipment



On/Off-Road vehicle testing

Vehicle mounted detection

Point of contact

Name: Paul Grantham
Function: Test site manager
Phone / Fax:  +44 1344 632000

General information

Indoor / outdoor: Outdoor
Test area (m2):  
Explosive allowed: No, a small amount can be stored a the nearby indoor sensor facility.

Elec. (230V)

Working office:

Size (m2)

Heating / Cooling

Phone / Fax

Internet access

 (for visiting users)


Portable heaters

Yes / Yes

Can be given


Sensor Test Lanes: There are 4 pits for detection purposes, which were constructed several years ago. They contain four different soil types. These are London clay, normal soil, sand and aggregate. The targets are a mixture of inert landmines and clutter objects. The inert landmines are filled with a substance, which has a similar dielectric constant to explosive. A picture of some of the pits can be seen below.

Test Track: Consists of a 3.22km (2 mile) high speed asphalt course with banked curves, Tilt platform (capable of tilting a loaded tank transporter trailer), a wading pool, test slopes (1-in-4 to 1-in 7.3), S-bends, Slip Pad and several other vehicle testing facilities. The site is designed to accommodate tracked vehicles up to 80 tonnes and heavy transporters up to 120 tonnes


New Mine Test Lanes - Chertsey: The test lanes at QinetiQ Chertsey consist of two main areas: soil bins and mine lanes.

  • Soil bins have soil, gravel, clay & sand areas, and do not have any permanent mine targets buried.
  • Mine lanes consist of two 30m long by 2m wide areas with
    • AP mines
    • AT mines
    • Radar & metal detector clutter
    • AP mines in clutter


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