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United States of America
United States of America

Aberdeen Proving Ground

Address: Aberdeen Test Center, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD 21005-5059
Country: United States
Nearest big towns: Baltimore, Maryland

Point of contact

Name: Mr. Bert Garcia
Organization: Office, Secretary of Defense, SOLIC
Function: U.S. ITEP POC
Phone / Fax: +1 703-693-5223/+1 703-693-3039

General information

Indoor test area (m2): 3 Closed Ranges, each 557 m2 Various Blast Spheres/Chambers
Outdoor test area (m2): 295,431,000 m2. Water, low land with marsh areas, uplands with woods, open fields

Vehicle mounted mine detection area: 40,000 m2 located at the I-Field

Hand held detector area: 2500 m2 located at Range 16

Particular constraints

Working hours: 0700-1630 Monday to Friday; overtime as required
Remarks: Advance scheduling desirable
Entrance requirements: Controlled access to test areas – security clearance required

Prior arrangements for non US citizen (Foreign Nationals)

Remarks: Demonstrators limited to two weeks per site test


Mechanical workshop: Fabrication, Automotive, Weapon Repair, Aircraft
Remarks: Industrial X-Ray Facility, HE Explosive Plant & Geodetic Survey
Explosive allowed: Yes Fragmentation?: Yes
  DoD Safety Standards for Quantity Distance Requirements apply
Services supplied:




Compressed air






Remarks: Multimedia, various laboratories, instrumentation, professional workers
Fiber communications at site, phone service, fax, e-mail
Canteen: Snack machines in some support buildings
Remarks:  Fast and full food facilities in administrative area or off post.
Distance (km): Hotel: 10 km
Railway station: 10 km
Airport: Baltimore, MD (BWI) 60km/43mi; Philadelphia, PA (PHL) 110km/68mi; Washington DC (DCA) 132km/82mi; (IAD) 150km/93mi
Remarks:  Close proximity to I-95 and U.S. Rt. 40

List of testing facilities available

ATC utilizes an extensive array of test ranges/facilities (approximately 180 ranges/firing points) for testing a broad spectrum of military weapon systems and equipment including armored vehicles, guns, ammunition, mines, counter-mines, trucks, bridges, generators, night vision devices, individual equipment (boots, uniforms, helmets, etc.) and surface and underwater naval systems. ATC has certain facilities/ranges for:

  • Vehicle mounted mine detector test facility at I-Field, Edgewood Area, APG
  • Hand held mine detector facility located on Spesutie Island, Aberdeen Area, APG
  • UXO detection facility
  • Standardized UXO Technology Demonstration Site
  • Ground target sites for Airborne magnetometer tests

Completed, ongoing and planned test & evaluation projects

On-going tests:

  • Mine Protected Control Vehicle test
  • Ground Stand-Off Mine Detection System (GSTAMIDS)
  • Hand-Held Stand-Off Mine Detection System (HSTAMIDS)
  • Airborne Stand-Off Mine Detection System (ASTAMIDS)
  • SMART Mine Probe follow-on testing
  • Planned tests:

  • Hand held and vehicle mounted UXO/mine sensor/detector equipment by demonstrators
  • Wide-Area aerial passive magnetometer test


ATC has a comprehensive array of capabilities to include:

  •  Extensive vehicle test facilities
  •  Extensive munitions test facilities (firing barricades and ranges, environmental chambers,
        underwater explosions and surface testing)
  •  Extensive heavy automotive maintenance facility, weld shop, machine shop
  •  Complete instrumentation capability, both automotive and ballistics as well as extensive high speed
        and industrial photography.
  •  Evaluate systems for reliability, availability and maintenance
  •  Collect imagery and spectral data across electromagnetic spectrum
  •  Fire suppression and environmental studies/test
  •  Toxic fumes studies and analysis (Chemistry)
  •  Materials and evaluation testing (Chemistry)
  •  Analytical Chemistry Laboratory
  •  Fuels and Oils Laboratory (Chemistry)
  •  Phillips Army Airfield

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