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United States of America
United States of America

Test Facilities at Eglin Air Force Base:

Name: C-62 Test Area, Eglin Air Force Base
Short description: Demonstration site



Mechanical Equipment Detector Protection Equipment EOD Other



Point of contact

Name: Mr. Bert Garcia
Function: U.S. ITEP POC
Phone / Fax: +1 703-693-5223/+1 703-693-3039

General information

Indoor / outdoor: Outdoor
Test area (m2): 80937 m2
Explosive allowed:  
Working office:

Size (m2)

Heating / Cooling

Phone / Fax

Internet access

 (for visiting users)        


Land Ranges are cleared and essentially level with some low rolling hills. The surrounding area features heavy vegetation, with numerous swamps, lakes, and streams. Air Force-owned beachfront property provides a unique land/sea interface with contrasting background/clutter environment especially useful for munition seeker testing. The soil is very uniform, high moisture, less lossy, sand.

The test complex is unique due to the concentration of many individual test areas encompassing a variety of environments (i.e., jungle, rolling hills, cleared flat areas, water areas, etc.) used for a variety of tests.

Range hazards include UXO (primarily training hardware), snakes, scorpions, burrows, and lightning.

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