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United States of America
United States of America

Test Facilities at Yuma Proving Ground:

Name: Munitions, Countermine, and Demolitions (MCD) Test Complex, Yuma PG
Short description: Customized layout high explosive mine, countermine, and UXO test activity.



Mechanical Equipment
Detector Protection Equipment EOD Others



Point of contact

Name: Mr. Bert Garcia
Function: U.S. ITEP POC
Phone / Fax: +1 703-693-5223/+1 703-693-3039

General information

Indoor / outdoor: Outdoor
Test area (m2):  
Explosive allowed:  
Working office:

Size (m2)

Heating / Cooling

Phone / Fax

Internet access

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Test area at MCD is 100m x 360m + 100m x 360m + 500m x 1200m

This site has been an interim site for countermine detection operations. It is also designated for live fire mine clearing operations (as required).

Operating under carefully controlled conditions by mine experts, the facility boasts an open field and closed chamber test capability. The live fire facility, completely fenced with 24-hr security monitoring, contains a network of instrumentation sensors and acquisition systems as well as a video array for test monitoring. The complex is equipped with a central operations center and storage garage. The test areas consists of two 100m by 360m compacted gravel areas; a large 500m by 1200m de-brushed, open field area; and thirty individual concrete test cells. A high explosive mines and ordnance inventory is available for additional target requirements.

Picture of Munitions, Countermine, and Demslitions (MCD) Test Complex

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