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United States of America
United States of America

Test Facilities at Yuma Proving Ground:

Name: Smart Munitions Test Range, Yuma PG
Short description: Live fire, open demonstration range.



Mechanical Equipment Detector Protection Equipment EOD Others

Point of contact

Name: Mr. Bert Garcia
Function: U.S. ITEP POC
Phone / Fax: +1 703-693-5223/ +1 703-693-3039

General information

Indoor / outdoor: Outdoor
Test area (m2): 2000m x 2000m
Explosive allowed:  
Working office:

Size (m2)

Heating / Cooling

Phone / Fax

Internet access

 (for visiting users)        


This range is designated for inert UXO. This site is unimproved and no ordnance is presently buried.

The Smart Munitions Test Range is a live fire range. It contains a network of instrumentation sensors and is equipped with a central operations center. Test areas consist of three instrumented test positions and a designated area for mine/UXO inert test activity that includes a single 2000m vehicle track (compacted gravel) with a proposed expansion to 6km. Approximate area designated for UXO and Countermine Test Activity is 1000m by 2000m. The site is easily equipped with portable meteorological stations as needed.

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