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ITEP Organisation

Board of Directors: BoD consists of a maximum of three representatives (only one votes) from each ITEP Participant, responsible for exercising policy-level oversight and direction of ITEP. This is the reference organization for reviewing and forwarding to the ITEP Participants for approval recommended amendments; providing recommendations for the addition of new participants; promoting and establishing working relationships with external entities and resolving issues raised by the ExCom.

Executive Committee: ExCom consists of one representative from each ITEP Participant, responsible for managing the execution of ITEP. This is the reference organization for endorsing and monitoring all ITEP activities, recommending guidelines, standards and appropriate mechanism for their conduct; directing the Secretariat; monitoring and reporting to the ITEP Board on ITEP activities.

Secretariat: The Secretariat provides administrative and technical support to the ITEP Board of Directors and Executive Committee. It is the main communication channel for ITEP, serving as the principal point of contact for ITEP. The Secretariat was initially located at the EU Commission Joint Research Center in Ispra, Italy. Today, the ITEP Secretariat is hosted by the Belgian Royal Military Academy in Brussels.

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