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Subject: International SitRep - MineTech mine clearance solutions

Sitrep-the mine clearance newsletter  the mine clearance newsletter

Welcome to the latest edition of MineTech International�s SitRep, a snapshot of some of the latest challenges and solutions in landmine and Explosive Ordnance Clearance around the globe.

In the last few months Battle Area Clearance crews have been working waist deep in oil sludge in Kuwait while MineTech mine detecting dog teams have arrived to support UN initiatives in Sudan. We also look at the achievements of some hard working German Shepherds, responsible for ensuring the safety of an increasing number of passengers and cargo planes flying in and out of Iraq.

And MineTech continues to move forward, this time consolidating its management team in the UK, though still maintaining important connections to its African roots.

Everyone at MineTech would like to take this opportunity to wish you a peaceful Christmas and success in 2007 to everyone endeavouring to minimise the impact of landmine and explosives ordnance contamination around the globe.

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Kuwait clean up � tackling the oil pits
Searing temperatures of up to 55�c were the least of the difficulties facing the MineTech Battle Area Clearance crew deployed to complete a highly unusual demining project in Kuwait ...

MineTech on the move
In a move that brings them closer to one of the world�s leading providers of remote site safety and support services, MineTech International has transferred ...

On track in Sudan
Three MineTech Mine Detection Dog teams arrive in Juba in Sudan at the beginning of December to help complete UN contracts ...

Keeping cool at Baghdad Airport
The installation of air-conditioned kennels into the workplace has kept eleven MineTech Explosive Detection Dog teams working hard at their posts in Baghdad Airport ...

Technology � MineTech unveils new lightweight mine clearance platform
The latest range of MineTech mine detection vehicles promises significant new levels of versatility and flexibility ...

Manual deminer at work

Explosive ordnance removal

A marked mine

Explosive detecting

A sniffer dog

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