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340KB Technical Assessment of the Pro Mac Brush-Deminer 48. Major Harry Burke, Mr. Geoff Coley and Mr. James Read (CCMAT) and Colonel Niran (Thialand Mine Action Centre). May 2001.

Annex A 39 KB BMD48 Training Summary
Annex B-1 503 KB Trial Setup and General Information
Annex B-2 9 KB MRM Test Data
Annex C-1 9 KB Unfuzed M14 Data Test
Annex C-2 310 KB Unfuzed M14 Data Test
Annex D 8 KB Live M14 Test Data
Annex E 10 KB M14 Test Procedure
Annex F 368 KB MRM/M14 Correlation
Annex G 356 KB Brush Cutting
Annex H 138 KB Standard Operating Procedures for BDM48
Annex I 229 KB BDM48 System Modification
Annex J 18 KB Comment by Thailand Mine Action Centre

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