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Best Practices:

CEN Workshop Agreements:
CEN Workshop Agreements (CWAs) are consensus-based specifications, drawn up in an open Workshop environment)

- CEN Workshop Agreement Test and Evaluation - Part 1: Metal Detectors (CWA 14747-1:2003)
-CEN Workshop Agreement Test and Evaluation - Part 2: Soil Characterization for Metal Detector and Ground Penetrating Radar Performance (CWA 14747-2:2008)
- CEN Workshop Agreement Test and Evaluation of Demining Machines (CWA 15044:2009). This document supersedes CWA 15044:2004.

Another CEN Workshop Agreement on Test and Evaluation of Personal Protective Equipment (CWA 15756:2007) was published but has recently been taken out of circulation due to problems with certain aspects of the blast test guidelines. For further information please contact the GICHD ().

Other published CEN Workshop Agreements in the field of Mine Action can be found at the Mine Action Standards Website

Other Test Methodology Documents:
- Test Methodologies for Personal Protective Equipment Against Anti-Personnel Mine Blast (NATO RTO HFM TG-024)
- Test Methodology for Protection of Vehicle Occupants against Anti-Vehicular Landmine Effects (NATO RTO HFM TG-025)
- A Test Methodology for Assessing Demining Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)


International Mine Action Standards IMAS:
(see also

- IMAS 03.40: Test and Evaluation of Mine Action Equipment
(First edition January 2003. Last amended in August 2006)
- IMAS 07.30: Accreditation of demining organisations and operations
(Second edition, January 2003. Last amended in January 2007)
- IMAS 9.42: Operational Testing of Mine Detection Dogs and Handlers
(Second edition, March 2008. Last amended in March 2010)
- IMAS 09.50: Mechanical demining
(first edition, October 2006. Last amended in December 2009)
- IMAS 10.30: Personal Protective Equipment
(Second edition, April 2009. Last amended in March 2010)

Other Standards:
Swedish Defense Material Administration
- Mine Clearance Vehicles, Crew Safety Standard, 2003

National Highway Traffic Administration
- Antropomorphic Test Devices

International Test Operations Procedures (ITOP), developed by France, United Kingdom, Germany and the United States

- General Test Requirements for Countermine and Demining Testing (ITOP 4-2-520, 20.05.1999)
- Target Standardisation for Countermine and Demining Testing (ITOP 4-2-521, 20.05.1999)
- Mine Detection Equipment for Countermine and Demining (Hand-Held or Vehicle Mounted) (ITOP 4-2-523, 20.05.1999)

Note that the above documents are working standards which have been adopted by NATO and are incorporated into STANAG 4587, Close In Land Mine Detector Test Procedures (2000). Updates of these documents exist but have not been made available for publication by ITEP yet.

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