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3rd meeting of CEN Workshop 7: Humanitarian Mine Action - Test and Evaluation - Metal Detectors

Announcement of Third CW07 Meeting

Venue and Dates

The third meeting of CW07 will be held at the European Commission Joint Research Centre (JRC), Ispra, Italy on 9, 10 & 11 December 2002.

Aim and scope of the meeting

It is important to note that this will be a formal meeting in the process for the establishment of the CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA) for CW07. The CWA gives guidelines, principles and procedures for the testing and evaluation of metal detectors for use in humanitarian mine action. The aim of this meeting is to review and approve Draft 8 of the (CWA) with such amendments as are necessary.

There have been two previous meetings of the full Workshop in December 2001 and April 2002. Following these meetings and the efforts of the Drafting Working Group since April, the CWA has now reached an advanced stage. The CW07 Secretariat plans to issue the first version of the CWA in early 2003.

This meeting will therefore be focused clearly on the text of the document and, in particular, on the details of test specifications drafted in the CWA. The CWA will be considered formally by the meeting, clause by clause. Minor amendments to a clause may be agreed at the meeting. Where more fundamental changes are required, the clause shall be remitted to the Secretariat for resolution of the problem and redrafting.

Who should attend?

- Existing participants of and contributors to CW07
- Users of metal detectors in humanitarian mine action
- Metal detector manufacturers
- Test and evaluation laboratories
- R & D laboratories with knowledge of metal detector technology
- Organizations procuring Metal detectors

Preparing for the meeting

This is a meeting to give formal approval to the CWA document. It is therefore vital that participants read the Draft 8 CWA before coming to the meeting and become familiar with the ideas included within it.

New participants in CW07 are also urged to become familiar with the work already done in the Workshop. Previous drafts of the CWA, minutes of previous meetings and other background documents may be found on the CW07 website:, where you may register to become a CW07 participant ("Participants Form" - note: this is to become part of CW07, not to register for the meeting).

Registering for the meeting

To attend the 3rd CW07 meeting please register by completing the form available on the website and returning it to Patrizia Waschuth at Ispra.

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