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Mechanically-Assisted Clearance Equipment
Test and Evaluation Workshop
14-16 May, 2002

This workshop was held at Defence R&D Canada Suffield and hosted by the Canadian Centre for Mine Action Technologies (CCMAT). There were a total of 16 participants representing a wide range of functions concerned with humanitarian demining (users, manufacturers, ITEP members, and the Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining). The workshop's aim was to identify the critical criteria for Test and Evaluation (T&E) of Mechanically-Assisted Clearance Equipment and recommend guidelines for carrying out T&E activities. Its scope included equipment manufacturer/developer trials, trials ITEP participants, and in country trials performed by Mine Action Centres, NGOs, and commercial demining companies. The workshop was meant to provide the demining community with interim guidance on the conduct of T&E, that would result in reports which could be used for comparative assessment of equipment available in the world today.

Discussion focused on aspects of T&E relating to:

a. Safety/Survivability
b. Logistics
c. Trafficability
d. Clearance effectiveness (mine & vegetation)

The workshop resulted in consensus on a large number of essential criteria and recommended methodology for the T&E.

Some of the factors which steered the discussion were the urgent need to field effective equipment in the shortest practical time, the need for safety, and the development of a T&E system which would provide the demining community with the essential information that they require.
In the Test Field

The three day workshop could not resolve all the issues but did produce some important guidelines/"best practices" which can be used until more formal guidelines can be developed. This workshop is to be followed by a CEN workshop that will go into the subject of standards in more depth. The CCMAT workshop hopes to provide interim guidance for T&E activity in the short term. It also served a useful purpose in identifying issues that should be addressed during the development of a CEN Workshop Agreement or an International Mine Action Standard. It is anticipated that the proceedings from the workshop will be made available on the ITEP and CCMAT web sites by the end of June 2002.

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