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International Workshop on Reliability of Detection in Humanitarian Demining in Berlin

The results of the German/EC ITEP Project “Reliability Model for Detector Evaluation” under the lead of the German organisation Bundesanstalt für Materialprüfung (BAM) found a broad international interest at the common workshop held from the 16th to the 17th of December 2003 in Berlin and organised by ITEP, BAM, and JRC.
International recognised scientists and representatives from CA, EC, GE, SE, UK, US and South East Europe, along with representatives of the Humanitarian Demining community (UNMAS, MAC, deminers) including manufacturers of metal detectors were informed about the preliminary results of the practical trials and were invited to participate to their assessment.
The workshop results made very clear that field reliability tests are, in addition to parameter tests, a "must" in order to learn about the true detector performance. In fact, the debate was about how far a standardization in this direction can go.

One of the results was the establishment of an international group for defining the addendum to the CEN workshop agreement for testing metal detectors as well as other scientific results/tasks. The test-team will represent its results in a final report in April 2004. More updated information will be available with the first assessment of the workshop results and the recommendations of the break out sessions: Set up of test lanes and mine selection, soil influence and ground compensation, human factor, plan of experiments and statistical evaluation. The ITEP Website will inform about it.

This event offered also a good opportunity to inform about the ITEP efforts concerning the development of international standards and the delivery of neutral, scientific based information of equipment used in humanitarian demining.