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04 Dec 2003 Publication of the US Test Report on "Trace Chemical Mine Detection Data Collection - Final Scientific And Technical Report"
04 Dec 2003 Publication of the Swedish Test Report on Trials with Thermite Lances "Small and Large" from FOI Sweden.
03 Dec 2003 During 25-26 of November 2003 pre-trials of the ERA multisensor MINETECT took place at SWEDEC on request of the Swedish Defense Material Administration.
27 Nov 2003 Publication of the ITEP project test report "T&E of QinetiQ & ERA portable mine detectors".
05 Nov 2003 The ITEP Project "Reliability model for metal detector evaluation" will be running the last series of metal detector trials at the Technical Centre 52 (GE Army) from the 17th of November until the 28th of November 2003.
05 Nov 2003 EC launches a new Project: "Systematic test and evaluation of metal detectors - STEMD".
17 Oct 2003 Publication of the Swedish Test Report after Trials with Mine Detection Dogs (MDD) and the Mechanical Mine Clearance System Scanjack
10 Oct 2003 Publication of the Swedish Test Report on Trials with Termite Charges
16-17 Dec 2003 Workshop "Reliability Tests for Humanitarian Demining" -16-17 of December 2003 - Berlin, Germany.
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19 Sep 2003 Progress Report: CEN Workshop Agreement on T&E of Demining Machines
June 2003 Publication of the Metal Detector CEN Workshop Agreement CWA 14747:2003.
24 June 2003 Minutes of Minefield Marking USER FOCUS GROUP Meeting.
15 May 2003 Planned Meeting for ITEP Project
05 May 2003 The ITEP Project , leaded by Germany started its practical phase with the training of the "deminers" involved in the execution of the test. Four detectors from Ceia (IT), Ebinger, Foerster, Vallon (all GE)are used to define the reliability of detector tests i.e. how many personnel, targets etc. shall be involved to achieve reliable data from the statistical, technical and human influence points of view. After the first assessment of the results further tests are foreseen in Croatia and Germany in June & September accordingly. The results will be generalised and added to the standards for testing of metal detectors CWA 07.
31 Mar 2003 Draft version 9 of the CEN Workshop Agreement as edited after the 3rd CW07 Meeting is now available.
31 Mar 2003 News from CCMAT:
The Viking Power Dozer was evaluated to determine its application to military mine clearing and humanitarian demining operations. A report of the trials is available on the CCMAT web site.

A prototype version of the mine hammer was evaluated. Other trials include the ProneMat being developed at The University of Calgary and the Complex Lower Leg under development at the University of Waterloo. In October, proof of concept trails for APL-DRUMS being developed by Guigne International, were carried out.
Development work on all projects is continuing. The results will be soon provided in the Technical Reports section of the CCMAT web site.

A trial of a segmented roller is planned for March-April in Thailand as a collaboration between CCMAT, Night Vision Laboratory (Ft Belvoir) and TMAC under ITEP sponsorship (ITEP project 3.2.3).

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