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31 Mar 2003 News from CCMAT:
The Viking Power Dozer was evaluated to determine its application to military mine clearing and humanitarian demining operations. A report of the trials is available on the CCMAT web site.

A prototype version of the mine hammer was evaluated. Other trials include the ProneMat being developed at The University of Calgary and the Complex Lower Leg under development at the University of Waterloo. In October, proof of concept trails for APL-DRUMS being developed by Guigne International, were carried out.
Development work on all projects is continuing. The results will be soon provided in the Technical Reports section of the CCMAT web site.

A trial of a segmented roller is planned for March-April in Thailand as a collaboration between CCMAT, Night Vision Laboratory (Ft Belvoir) and TMAC under ITEP sponsorship (ITEP project 3.2.3).
31 Mar 2003 The Proceedings of the Discussion Day on Soil Electromagnetic Characteristics and Metal Detector Performance are now available.
31 Jan 2003 The IMAS Review Board met on January 31st 2003
The current stage of the updating process is now available.
15 Jan 2003 The Proceedings of the 3rd Demining Technologies Information Forum (DTIF) - Workshop on Ground Penetrating Radar in Support of Humanitarian Demining - held in Ispra last September are now available in the DTIF Journal.
09 Dec 2002 3rd Meeting of CEN Workshop 7: Humanitarian Mine Action - Test and Evaluation - Metal Detectors
12 Dec 2002 Discussion Day on "Soil Electromagnetic Characteristics and Metal Detector Performance"
31 Oct 2002 ITEP Project no. 3.2.2, leaded by Sweden, started.
25 Jul 2002 ITOP Standards
27 Jun 2002 Summary of the UN Afghan Test Report on Metal Detectors
14 Jun 2002 Germany becomes formally member of ITEP
13 Jun 2002 Adoption of the ITEP Workplan
04 May 2002 Mechanically-Assisted Clearance Equipment
Test and Evaluation Workshop
8 Mar 2002 Armtrac 100 Trial
Mar 2002 Mechanical Equipment For Mine-Clearance In The Region Of South-East Europe
Jan 2002

Mechanical Demining Equipment Catalogue
Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining (January 2002)

30 Nov 2001

ITEP Project n° 1
Systematic Inventory of Test & Evaluation Activities, Capabilities & Needs In South Eastern Europe

07 Sep 2001 First Anniversary of ITEP
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