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Test report on trials with thermite charges

Summary of the report

Trials with 4 different types of thermite charges from the British company Disarmco Ltd were carried out at Test Range Karlsborg in Sweden during weeks 50 and 51 in 2002. A total of 77 different trials were carried out with different anti-tank mines and a number of shells as objects. The results of the trials were good and have demonstrated that the use of thermit charges in many cases constitutes an efficient manner to render mines and unexploded ammunition harmless.

The Hurricane, Storm and LTT charges have proved to be very efficient against mines. The trials have shown that the mines were destroyed in an efficient manner by using two or more thermite charges, which were evenly distributed around the circumference of the mine. In all the cases either the mine was destroyed by fire or the igniter was separated from the explosives. However these charges do not work for shells.

TSID 2000 charges have proved to be very efficient against shells with shell bodies thinner than 5 mm. The trials against such thin-walled shells were fully successful and the shell explosives were destroyed by fire without either detonation or deflagration. The effect against ammunition with thicker shell bodies is more uncertain and requires an evaluation by an explosive ordnance disposal expert.

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